Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

MicroPlanet is governed by its corporate purpose:

MicroPlanet is in the business of helping to improve the human condition by using technology to improve efficiency and reduce waste.


And values:

  • We operate with a very high level of integrity.
  • We seek creative solutions in partnership with our clients.
  • We take ownership and responsibility.
  • We believe in being profitable by providing valuable products and services.
  • We value hard work and commit to world class standards of performance.

These principles guide us in all aspects of the business and set the tone for the integrity of corporate activities. The employees of MicroPlanet developed this culture and are committed to the principles these values embody.

Ethical dealings extend to our accounting and financial reporting responsibilities that we have to our shareholders and investors. MicroPlanet maintains a system of internal accounting controls, encourages effective corporate governance from our Board of Directors, and continuously reviews our business processes including areas affecting financial stewardship.

Grant Thornton LLP, the Company’s independent auditor, is engaged to maintain an understanding of our internal controls and conducts audit procedures that they consider necessary to express their opinion on our annual consolidated financial statements.

Our Audit Committee of the Board of Directors is composed of independent directors with the financial knowledge and experience to provide appropriate oversight. We review internal control matters and key accounting and financial reporting issues with the Audit Committee on a regular basis.