About Us

MicroPlanet manufactures voltage regulators for use by utilities on LV networks or by customers at the meter to optimize voltage. Our products regulate voltage to a predetermined set point steplessly – with exceptional accuracy, reliability and speed. They also operate bi-directionally to facilitate the flow of energy from distributed generation sources (like wind and solar PV) back onto the grid.

MicroPlanet provides advanced voltage optimization technology used in utility, commercial, industrial, government, and utility environments.

We are bullish on energy efficiency.
Parker Weil, Co-Head of the Americas Energy and Power Group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Our patented four-quadrant technology dynamically manages the voltage received from electric utilities to optimum levels, as well as manages voltage generated from distributed sources such as solar and wind that are delivered back to the grid. In addition to managing voltage both from and back to the grid, MicroPlanet technology can also increase or decrease voltage flowing in either direction as conditions warrant.

No other technology in the voltage optimization sector can deliver this performance.

Microplanet Technology at The Solar Decathlon 2011Using MicroPlanet products to optimize voltage can reduce energy consumption and costs, improve performance and expected lives of electronic components, reduce flicker and other problems caused by poor power quality and low voltage, enable integration of distributed renewable energy sources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.