MicroPlanet has devoted many years and many millions of dollars to the development of the world’s “best of class” technology for low voltage regulation. Important changes in the economics and technology of the world’s electric grids demand solutions – and MicroPlanet technology undoubtedly provides some of the answers. MicroPlanet faces the best opportunity for success we have ever encountered.


MicroPlanet develops products that incorporate its patented clean technology for energy conservation and electric grid stability.  Important effects of MicroPlanet technology include:

  • Cost savings through energy conservation
  • Power quality optimization, thereby reducing the cost of maintenance and early replacement of equipment
  • Enhanced integration of renewable distributed energy

MicroPlanet products are sold to electric utilities, businesses, governmental agencies and residential markets. They have been sold in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and United Kingdom.

The precision with which MicroPlanet products regulate both incoming voltage and power generated by renewable sources (such as solar panels) is illustrated in the chart below. This data was generated at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon 2011 in Washington, D.C.


Best in Class Technology

To demonstrate that MicroPlanet has developed “best of class” technology, I offer the following:

  • After a thoroughly successful implementation of its technology to regulate the microgrid for the Solar Decathlon 2011, a bi-annual event sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), MicroPlanet is, by invitation, both a key vendor and a sponsor to the Solar Decathlon 2013.
  • MicroPlanet was chosen by Tyree Industries Pty Ltd. (the largest transformer manufacturer in Australia) as the best low voltage regulation technology to incorporate into a revolutionary new product, the RegFormer™, combining a distribution transformer and regulator.regformer
  • MicroPlanet customers already include many of the utilities in Australia, our first market of focus, including: Australia (Ergon Energy (Brisbane), Essential Energy (Port Macquarie), United Energy (Melbourne), South Australia Power Networks (Adelaide), Endeavor Energy (Sydney – New South Wales), PowerCor Energy (Melbourne), and Energex Energy (Melbourne).

DOE, NREL, Tyree and the Australian utilities have their choice of voltage regulation technology, and all choose MicroPlanet.  No other technology regulates voltage with MicroPlanet’s speed and accuracy. MicroPlanet’s regulators…

  • Eliminate phase voltage imbalance, spikes, swells and sags
  • Incorporate communication and remote control capability, helping to enable the smart grid
  • Regulate sub-cycles over 60 times per second, optimizing power – and reducing or eliminating flicker)


Australian Market

The current sales and marketing focus is on utility customers in Australia.  Factors contributing to MicroPlanet’s Australian focus include:

  • High cost of electricity
    Australian cost is as much as 3 times the North American cost.
  • Dramatically increased installations of renewable energy, mostly photovoltaic from solar panels
    Solar installations are so common in parts of Australia that many feeder lines have exceeded the current penetration limit of approximately 15%, above which meeting the voltage delivery standard is very difficult without additional technology
  • Increasing concern about Australia’s carbon footprint and growing political pressure to reduce emissions
  • Increasing obsolescence of the old model of making 30-year investments in the grid rapidly becoming as obsolescent as yesterday’s technology
    Utilities know that the demands on the grid are changing so fast (PV, electric cars, battery storage technology for PV systems) that the old model of making 30-year investments in the medium voltage grid may be supplanted by much lower investment in the low voltage grid (where MicroPlanet’s products are very effective)
  • Lessons learned from the near-universal implementation by utilities of “smart meters”
    As much as 25% of the voltage they are delivering is above or below the voltage range mandated by Australian law.

MicroPlanet has formed key relationships to support its efforts in Australia.

We have signed an Integration and Commercialization agreement with Tyree Industries to design and commercialize the RegFormer™, a smart transformer with the power of MicroPlanet technology.

Grahame Foulger, a board member of MicroPlanet, has agreed to manage and support in Australia.  A seasoned senior executive with extensive relationships in the Australian energy sector, Grahame as worked in distribution and retail in the Australian electricity and energy sector for more than 35 years.  At Ergon Energy, Grahame has been the general manager of Sustainability & Innovation, as well as the manager of Business Development.  He was also the deputy CEO of the Far North Queensland Electricity Board.