End User

MicroPlanet provides advanced voltage optimization technology used in utility, commercial, industrial, government, and utility environments.

Reducing Energy Consumption and Costs

Utilities in the US are required to deliver power to consumers at 120 volts plus or minus 5%, which yields a range of 114 to 126 volts (European Standards: 230V +10%, -6%). Since voltage gradually decreases on distribution feeder lines as the cumulative load increases, the voltage must be transmitted at a high enough level so that the last consumer on the line gets at least the minimum standard of 114 volts during peak load. Electricity is often transmitted from a substation at 126 volts to ensure that the end user will receive at least the minimum level of voltage. However, most electrical loads are designed to operate efficiently at 110 volts. When electricity customers receive voltage higher than needed, the result is wasted energy, higher than necessary electricity bills and shortened life expectancy for electrical equipment.

Optimizing high incoming voltage can lower energy usage by 5-15%, in addition to gains from demand side reduction programs. MicroPlanet’s advanced digital technology is greater than 99% efficient, making it an extremely effective and efficient energy conservation solution.

Improve Power Quality and Lengthen Lives of Electronic Equipment

Higher than required equipment voltage as well as phase voltage imbalance seriously impacts motor life and efficiency resulting in degraded life expectancy. Even a 1% imbalance of incoming 3-phase power can reduce the lives of electronic equipment and motors by 50%. MicroPlanet products regulate voltage independently to within ½ volt, virtually eliminating phase imbalance. Motors run cooler, last longer, and cost less to maintain.

Effectiveness of Regulation on Load Types

Various types of electrical loads respond differently to voltage regulation. Most types of lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and equipment with electric motors are designed to run most efficiently at 110 volts and will consume significantly less electricity as voltage is reduced from high levels down to 110 volts. Thermostatically controlled electric devices such as heaters and ovens may not consume less electricity, but users can benefit substantially from reductions in peak demand usage. The amount of savings achieved through voltage management will vary based on the level of voltage received from the local utility. The greater the reduction in voltage, the greater the savings in energy consumption.

Older electro-mechanical technologies such as tap-changers, ferro resonance and UPS systems are substantially less efficient at regulation, negating most of the energy savings. MicroPlanet products are designed for energy efficiency. Deployed in the recommended environments, they will save significant amounts of energy, reduce peak consumption and can lengthen the useful life of many types of equipment.


The advanced MicroPlanet digital technology dynamically raises or lowers and balances incoming voltage to maintain a constant output voltage. MicroPlanet products measure line-to-neutral input voltage and compares it to the desired set point. It then manages the AC-to-AC converter to adjust the output voltage.

MicroPlanet systems also correct voltage imbalance, which is one of the leading causes of motor overheating and failure. In addition to conserving energy, MicroPlanet’s produxts can correct a 7-8% incoming voltage imbalance to less than 1%. Also, our products create no harmonic distortion of the voltage sine wave.

MicroPlanet Commercial Installation


Delivery of optimum voltage levels can deliver substantial benefits to end users, including commercial, industrial, government, or residence environments.

For end users of all types, voltage optimization can reduce energy consumption and costs, improve power quality and lengthen useful lives of electronic equipment, and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


MicroPlanet offers products to meet a range of electrical service size and load profiles. Our products cover the following dimensions.

Phase single phase (utility), split phase, and three phase

Voltage 120/240V, 120Y/208V, 277Y/480V

Amperage 150A-800A

End User products are TÜV SÜD approved and operate at 60 Hz. A line of End User 50 Hz products are currently in development and testing.

Not all combinations of phase, voltage and amperage are available. Download current end user product specifications here.