Renewable Integration

MicroPlanet technology facilitates integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.

The Challenge of Integrating Renewable Energy Sources into the Grid

The popularity of renewable energy generation sources is on the rise. Solar and wind generation are superior for the environment and reduce reliance on foreign oil. Both solar and wind are becoming more popular and pervasive in both large scale farm-type deployments as well as in more localized and individual micro-level deployments. Distributed renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, when clustered geographically, can cause significant spikes to feeder line voltage during periods of intense generation (high winds, intense sun). These voltage spikes cause inverters to trip, effectively shutting down ability of the renewable sources to feed power back onto the grid. The inability of the grid to accept this power reduces the efficiency and payback for owners of renewable generation sources and wastes valuable renewable electricity.

MicroPlanet Products Enable Efficient Renewable Integration

MicroPlanet has developed a four-quadrant design to address a variety of voltage optimization needs. The four-quadrant design not only decreases above-standard voltage and increases too-low voltage to desired set points as conditions dictate, but it also regulates voltage bi-directionally. This capability to regulate voltage bi-directionally is a key differentiator for MicroPlanet products in that it enables them to regulate power as it comes from the grid to when it is flowing back to the grid at the same customer location, depending on circumstances. This ability to regulate bi-directionally provides the same benefits to customers no matter where the power is coming from: superior power quality, no spikes and sags, and more predictable and stable power delivered to load sources, resulting in reduced energy net consumpion and increased operating lives of electronic equipment.

So when high winds or bright sunshine normally would cause voltage spikes, trip inverters, and stop power flowing back to the grid, MicroPlanet’s products optimize the voltage to extremely precise levels and keep the power flowing back to the grid. And, when additional power is required, MicroPlanet products keep regulating voltage from the grid, providing power quality improvements and energy conservation benefits.


MicroPlanet offers products to meet a range of electrical service size and load profiles. Our products cover the following dimensions.

Phase single phase (utility), split phase, and three phase

Voltage 120/240V, 120Y/208V, 277Y/480V

Amperage 150A-800A

End User products are TÜV SÜD approved and operate at 60 Hz. A line of End User 50 Hz products are currently in development and testing.

Not all combinations of phase, voltage and amperage are available. Download current product specification sheets here.


Deployment of distributed renewable energy sources at their highest efficiency is being severely restricted due to voltage issues.

MicroPlanet’s four-quadrant regulation technology can optimize voltage from distributed generation sources, enabling more efficient operations of these renewable energy sources as well as continuous flow of power back into the grid.