MicroPlanet provides advanced voltage optimization technology used in utility, commercial, industrial, government, and utility environments.


MicroPlanet’s proprietary Low Voltage Regulation products (LVR) for utilities solve common utility problems such as flicker and excessive voltage drop and maintain proper voltage at the point of service delivery. This precise regulation of voltage ensures grid stability and compliance with appropriate service standards.

LVR’s are currently installed at utilities in the US, Canada, UK and in Australia. They dynamically regulate voltage up or down to within 1% of a programmable set point. The following graph is from a utility installation in Australia.

Red Line – Incoming Voltage
Yellow Line – Voltage after MicroPlanet Regulation

How the LVR Works

MicroPlanet’s LVR combines traditional power electronics with patented technology. The LVR will dynamically raise or lower and balance the incoming voltage to maintain a constant output level. The system consists of:

  • An AC-to-AC converter that produces voltage with a varying magnitude. The converter drives the primary of a high-efficiency toroidal transformer.
  • A control board with a microprocessor for measuring the output voltage and controlling the AC-to-AC converter to precisely maintain a fixed level set by the customer.

The control board senses line-to-neutral output voltage and compares it to the desired reference. Depending on whether the voltage is too low or too high, the unit decides if it should be raising or lowering the voltage, and how much. Then it controls the AC-to-AC converter to adjust the output voltage to exactly match the reference voltage.

In the event of electronics failure, regulation stops but power is not interrupted. Fault alarms can be sent to a connected network.


Reliable, Easy to Install and Immediate Solution to Voltage Compliance and Customer Service Issues

With the LVR, utilities can effectively regulate low voltage at the precise moment the voltage level drops. The result: Immediate increase in grid reliability and improved service for utility customers. The LVR can be installed in as little as 30 minutes.

Reduces Costs

The LVR also resolves chronic low voltage problems less expensively than traditional solutions. MicroPlanet LVR’s can help utilities respond quickly to their customer’s concerns and reduce capital investment in transmission and distribution equipment as well as lowering overall operating costs.

Safety and Certification
MicroPlanet’s products are TÜV SÜD certified.

Product Information
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